Nerd House Design

Swiss Souvenirs is a store in Verbier, Switzerland that has been a staple in town for over 30 years.

NHD have been designing for Swiss Souvenirs since 2013.  We produce monthly magazine adverts in ‘Verbier Life’ and ‘W Magazine'.

In 2017 NHD redesigned Swiss Souvenirs logo to celebrate 30 years in business.

CLIENT: Swiss Souvenirs
LOCATION: Verbier, Switzerland
YEAR: 2013 -

I've had Nerd House Design designing for my boutique for several years with adverts in a monthly magazine. I'm extremely happy with my end product but also with the impact it has made on my boutique. They understand how to put my words into design. Many thanks to the team,as their work is a greatly appreciated asset to my boutique. Christie Hammer, Swiss Souvenirs